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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I was looking at a design trend report today when I happened upon this um...chair from a well-known modern furniture company and felt compelled to feature it on my latest design post. The identity of the company and the designer shall remain nameless of course, but I do want to thank them for providing me with yet more comedic material.

You could look at this as a Rorschach test: for instance, to me, it looks like someone went out and shot the Michelin Tire Man, quilted him and then recycled him into a "cozy armchair suitable for any space". OK, that might be an extreme interpretation, but extremely tacky furniture is bound to foster some modicum of emotional imbalance. 

Going forward, I feel inspired to do a regular post on what not to furnish your space with. Perhaps I could call it: "The latest abomination of the week"? "Furniture from Hell"?  or, "Why oh why was this not on the Titanic"? 
Hey, this reminds me of the classic "Puffy Shirt" episode on Seinfeld.
OK, I'll stop. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Orange Crush

It's official: Orange is the new black!

PANTONE, the world's most renowned authority on color, named "Tangerine Tango" the color for 2012. These days, the bold reddish-orange hue is found worn on clothing, lips and nails and used in interior design to make a unique design statement.

Hand-blown confetti glass, set of 4, $34
Ottoman cube covered in vinyl fabric.

Color trend decisions are not random: there is always a method to  such choices and timing. Orange is a bright, warm and exotic hue. Countries known for embracing and encorporating bright, warm colors such as those in Central and South America have become popular destinations for many Europeans and Americans. Argentina is one such example. For the last several years it has been saturated with tourism, not only due to the strength of  the monetary exchange but also due to the enticing blend of both ethnic and European architectural and interior styles. Additionally, tango dancing has become a craze all over the world, and I am personally jonesin' to take a few classes myself!

Orangentinian tango (ouch...I know).

Orange colored wallpaper
Orange, a color traditionally used in signage and advertising, by it's sheer brilliance, commands attention. Psychologically it is a color associated with self-confidence, cheeriness, warmth and flamboyancy. These are traits much needed these days as our forlorn global economy has reaked emotional havoc on our collective psyches. Whether you are a fan of bright orange or of the more subdued variety, there is an orange out there for everyone and it blends and complements others very well. 
Oushak Carpet

Catch episodes of "Mad Men" on AMC
Immensely popular TV shows such as "Mad Men" which premiered in 2007, have catapulted the world into a renewed love of 1960's style. Items with bold patterns and coloring typical of the mid-century fashion and "Mad Men chic" have flown off of the retail shelves in the last few years. It is no surprise that a hue such as "Tango Orange" would have eventually found it's debut as color of the year.
Tangerine colored telephone

Shag rug.
Murano glass orange chandelier
Chair, sample sale: $1,950

Beaded Moroccan Mirror, $100

Antique Amalero Pots
This wall color would make a bold
statement in an entranceway, small
room or on one wall!

House in the Czech Republic
Why shouldn't orange animals be in vogue too?
To help save the orangutans, go to