I was looking at a design trend report today when I happened upon this um...chair from a well-known modern furniture company and felt compelled to feature it on my latest design post. The identity of the company and the designer shall remain nameless of course, but I do want to thank them for providing me with yet more comedic material.

You could look at this as a Rorschach test: for instance, to me, it looks like someone went out and shot the Michelin Tire Man, quilted him and then recycled him into a "cozy armchair suitable for any space". OK, that might be an extreme interpretation, but extremely tacky furniture is bound to foster some modicum of emotional imbalance. 

Going forward, I feel inspired to do a regular post on what not to furnish your space with. Perhaps I could call it: "The latest abomination of the week"? "Furniture from Hell"?  or, "Why oh why was this not on the Titanic"? 
Hey, this reminds me of the classic "Puffy Shirt" episode on Seinfeld.
OK, I'll stop. 

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