Jean Harlow left her champagne cocktail here.

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight...with a piece of furniture? I think I did when a couple of weeks ago I stopped by the Edward Ferrill showroom in NYC to do a little shopping research and came across this lovely little gem in the form of an Art Deco cigarette table. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. It whispered to me as I passed by it and I was soon overtaken by it's seductive allure. After all, who could resist such sharp looks with just the right amount of flash, it's lean and well proportioned form and sophisticated charm? And, best of all, I can pretty much guarantee it's a companion not likely to leave your side anytime soon.

I could actually get weak in the knees if it weren't an inanimate object.

Beveled mirror tabletop with acrylic legs. It is 14" in diameter and 22" in height.

Designers and Architects may contact Dana at the Edward Ferrill showroom in New York for further information.
If you are seeking consultation from a designer, please feel free to contact me. The cigarette table is available at showrooms and design centers throughout the country including Boston, Dania and DC.

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