I have  never been to Morocco, but it is on my bucket list of places I must "go-go" before I die.  A great source of my design inspirations have always been from such strikingly colorful countries as those in the north African, southern European and middle eastern regions.  In the last few years, a trend in Moroccan inspired interior design has taken off in popularity all over the world due to recent renovations in the last few years, of  'riads'. Riads are traditional Moroccan houses or palaces in Marrakesh, one of the largest cities in Morocco. This very particular style of decoration is fundamentally based on  traditional Moorish architecture. Inspirations which include geometrically-inspired patterning in the form of hexagons, crescents and stars to name a few and architectural inspirations such as the iconic horseshoe arches and cupolas found in such traditional Moorish palaces and homes. 

Photography by John Aurbakken

 Situated between Europe and Africa, Morocco boasts shorelines on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. It is easy to see the blending of  cultures from Spain, Portugal and France to Africa, Persia and Islam.  A country rich in such a diversity of culture and religion, it elicits the most exciting of blends resulting in unique cuisine, fashion and decor. 

 When one thinks of Moroccan inspired decor it conjures up images of  palettes of a rich array of earth, sea and sand colors. Colors such as deep reds and fuchsias, purples, bright orange, shades of gold, umber and chocolate browns, metallics, royal blues and turquoise hues come to mind. Rooms filled with luxurious fabrics and textiles, mosaic and ceramic tiles, pierced metal lanterns, pearl inlaid hexagonal wood furniture add to the mystique of such decor inside the riads of Marrakesh. Add fanciful and enigmatic architectural carvings, windows and doorways...doesn't this imagery make you go mad with desire? I certainly feel the rapture.  

Moroccan spice market

Pottery bazaar in Morocco
To most observers, Moroccan style seems the pinnacle of exotic and sensual design as every element imaginable from glass to metal to wood to stone to gold and silver are used concurrently with an array of lush textiles ranging from linen to velvet to leather.  One of the reasons it is such an enticing form of design is it's inherent theatricality and fantasy.  So if you love the flavor of exotic interiors, prepare your self for some mouth-watering images.  I am including examples of traditional furniture, fabric and accents along with their  modern inspired counterparts for your viewing.  Whether you are looking to design your space in a total Moroccan theme or just wish to add a dash of spice to the outfitting of your home, any of those needs can be satisfied.  Please feel free to contact me for further information about the products and photography presented and enjoy. 
Hand hammered gold pillow with aged patina, backed in solid ochre, $525
Moroccan daybed, $1,795
Connect the Dots fabric by Pollack,
To the Trade only

Moroccan Faux Leather Drum Pouffe, Mettalic, $88.50

Blue Table, $195

Ikat Chair, $850


Copper Moroccan Hanging Lamps made from recycled metal, $149-$249

Moroccan Stool,
Vintage Moroccan Rug 45098
Side table on Ebay, item #400233839253, $199

            Moroccan Chest, $1,800

Silver Leaf Five Leg Table, $459
(If you stop by the store in NYC, ask for Omar or Tony).

Fabric by Manuel Canovas
Grace Headboard, Twin. $449

Moroccan Door Screen, $2,999

Arabismo Tea Glasses, $32
Pillow, $75
Turkish Plate, $95

Domed ceiling in Morocco. Copyright photo by John Aurbakken

Moroccan stand
Ebay item#280630695583, $918.40
Photography by Eduardo Duarte

Photo: John Aurbakken

Photo: John Aurbakken


Lit ottoman. Suitable for outside use

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