This Caught my Eye.

"Garbo's Eye" Natural linen.

Recently, while web surfing, I came across the page of a fabric and wallpaper company called the "Cecil Beaton Fabric Collection". I stopped short on the image of a wing chair upholstered in a simple linen fabric, printed with a mad repetition of eyes.  The name of the print is "Garbo's Eyes". Pictured against a portrait of the iconic silver screen star, the photo was taken by Cecil Beaton in the 1930's.

I was immediately drawn to it's obvious quirkiness and bold design statement. That this particular textile design did not read 'creepy" surprised and delighted me. Could it be because it is a representation of the divine Garbo--her ocular allure skillfully captured by the great Cecil Beaton? Taken from one of many of his whimsical designs, "Garbo's Eye" is from a series of charming sketches he created. The licensing for the sketches was acquired by the UK-based interior design company, Beaudesert, and they have created a delightful collection of inspired fabric and wallpaper designs.

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Cecil Beaton may be most famous for his photographic portraits of celebrities, but he was also an award winning costume designer, interior designer and diarist.  A very close friend of Garbo and later, her lover, it's likely the sketches of her eyes were drawn from life.

Greta and Cecil in the 1940's
*Edited by Jennifer Vandemeer


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