Where did the simple life disappear?

Once upon a time, we were able to experience the gentle rapture of a summer breeze in an almost religious manner. We knew how to stay still, to be quiet, and to close our eyes and actually feel our natural surroundings. When the breeze blew strands of hair into our eyes and mouths, we didn't mind--it was just par for the course. After all, isn't it nature's job to both comfort and tease at the same time? Family and friends once gathered easily at a picnic to enjoy nature in it's purest state . Little was needed to sustain us other than amiable company: a sandwich and a thermos of apple juice. A transistor radio, book, drawing pad or a Frisbee, provided additional entertainment.

Sylvania model 454 portable radio
Vintage Hitachi radio from
Apartment 528

Some of the best pictures from our
family album were taken with a
Polaroid camera. Bring it back!
This is the classic SX-70 model.
Circa 1950's transistor radio.

But it seems the world has become much more complicated, and our capacity for relaxation, subsequently contrived...

Vintage metal picnic basket.
Picnic basket for four from Martha Stewart.

Sure, the insects were always pests, but we understood that we might have to share our picnic blanket with the ants...up to a point of course!

Ant paper plates from
Crate & Barrel.
18-piece wooden picnic
flatware from Crate & Barrel.
Ants picnic blanket from Crate & Barrel.
Vintage coordinating napkins
from etsy.com+

Think of our quest to assimilate ourselves once again with nature as a kind of cognitive therapy: it may seem put-on at first, but eventually it will become second nature (pun intended).  I believe we can bring it back...the spiritual experience of the simple picnic.  Go hug a tree and don't forget to put the cell phones on vibrate.

Wine purse from Uncommon Goods.

Don't like "ants-in-your-pants"? Here's an option:
folding portable picnic table from One King's Lane.

Dance scene from "Picnic" (1955) with Kim Novak
and William Holden. To view this romantically sexy
scene, click on the link below:


Still from one of my favorite movies: Peter Weir's
1975 "Picnic at Hanging Rock".

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