House of Horrors

No words...

I recently came across this image of a frighteningly confused abode on Twitter and I couldn't resist posting it on my blog.

In fact, many words and plays on song and book titles come to mind:

How's about: "Hell House", "The House that Crack Built", "You Can Check in But You'll Never Check Out", "A House is Not a Home", "The House of  7 Thousand Gables", "Home Freak Home, "Home is Where the Tell-tale Heart is", "Fall of the House of Reason"?

And while we're at it, there's classic one-liners like: "Take my house, please", "This place is so scary even ghosts won't  haunt it." "M. C. Escher, Frank Lloyd Wright and Antonio Gaudi walk into a blender. .."

Please feel free to jump in and add your descriptive two cents.

Unable to find out the history of "Dr. Caligari's McMansion-on-acid", I would venture to guess that judging by the adjoining house, it could possibly be located somewhere in Europe.  If anyone knows of it's actual locale, please feel free to enlighten me. I am oddly torn between actually seeking it out or avoiding it all together.  

Not your typical architectural atrocity,  I am strangely drawn to it. By no means is it merely benign...but outright insane. #Fenestration gone asunder.

As for identifying it's amalgam of architectural style(s)? I'm not going to go there because there are none to identify. 

The fun part is trying to locate the front door. 

Happy Halloween.   

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