"By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea..."

If you happen to be in the area of Rumson, New Jersey next month, do be sure and drop by the Stately Homes by-the-Sea Show house exhibit. You will not only enjoy a museum-like experience of being transported back to the bygone gilded-age era of the Robber Barons, but will also have the opportunity to see the work of over forty of the Tri-state area's top Interior Designers at the Decorators' Show House.

Decorator show houses sprung out of the concept of showcasing the visions and talents of interior designers and landscapers, but are also connected to fund-raising.  A house is initially donated for re-decoration and designers are selected by the charitable committee. Each designer is then assigned a room to re-design and on completion, the house opens it's doors for public viewing in order to raise money for charity.  In this case, the 'house' is Blithewald Mansion (seen above) and the charity, The Visiting Nurse Association Health Group.

Virginia Tesi, Allied ASID NY, NJ.
My friend, Virginia Tesi of Virginia Tesi Design, Inc. happens to be one of those designers.  Tesi is currently in the process of designing one of the guest rooms in Blithewald  mansion built by architect Edward L. Woodruff for financier David B. Keeler in 1883. 

A native of New York City, Virginia is an allied member of NY and NJ chapters of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) with 20 years of experience in both the fashion and interior design fields. She has a growing number of faithful clients and  divides her time between her beautiful townhouse in Sea Bright, New Jersey and New York City. 

When asked about her own design philosophy, she relates that her goal is always to make a space functional as well as beautiful and that one of the most important qualities an interior designer can possess is the capacity to listen to what the client is really looking for. For Tesi, creating a space according to the client's wants and needs spells success for her as an Interior Designer.

Design by Virginia Tesi Designs, Inc.
I may be a bit biased, but I can promise a beautiful creation by Virginia Tesi.  Without giving too much away regarding how she will be decorating her room in the Show House, I happen to know that a silver ceiling is involved. Shh...don't tell!

The Designer Show House event runs from April 28 - May 31st, 2015.


Virginia Tesi Design, Inc.


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