Fabulous Chair of the Week.

I was browsing the internet for beach house furniture and stopped in my tracks when I came across this chair on the Kravet interior design showroom website.  It spoke to me, beckoned me, and I was so utterly taken by it's unique charm and clever design that I wanted to share it with you.

  No, at first glance, it doesn't exactly scream summer cottage chic, in fact it most certainly has a very urban and cosmopolitan feel in its clean retro design style simplicity.  But then again,  I thought: it can just as easily find a place in a weekend house by the sea as it can in a 23rd floor condo in Manhattan.  In fact, for those who prefer a more contemporary/transitional look to their personal environments it is just the perfect chair...or two.  And it comes with a matching ottoman.  

It is sometimes hard to see, but wood finishes and upholstery fabric can change a piece dramatically.  For instance, putting a lighter finish on the frame of the chair and using a fabric with more color or pattern still sophisticated enough, but with a more of a casual feel will transition it smoothly into a more relaxed environment appropriate for a summer residence.
You can find it on the Kravet website: http://www.kravet.com/
In order to purchase it, you need to go through an interior designer or architect.  If you would like to contact me about purchasing this piece or if you are seeking design consultation please feel free to drop me a line.  Rates depend on type or scope of project.

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