Hooray for the Red, White & Green.

This weekend as we celebrate the 235th Anniversary of the birth of our country, we also can be proud of the growing eco-consciousness that slowly but surely has begun to resonate throughout our nation.

The evolving trend of ethical consumerism in the US in the past 30 years or so has culminated in an upswing in mass-marketing of green brands which are briefly, products made with minimal or no harm to humans, animals and the environment. 

Interior design is no stranger to the myriad of possibilities in creating and using evironmentally sound products within home and commercial spaces.  As we become more and more concerned for the health of our planet, not to mention ourselves,  the purchasing of green products may be a trend that is here to stay and no longer just a fashionable one formerly accessable only to those who resided within  higher financial stratespheres.  Nowadays, you can purchase furniture, fabric, accessories and wall-coverings at stores running the budget gamet from Target to Ikea and Crate & Barrel among many others, as well as from high-end interior design showrooms.
Here are a few examples of  eco-friendly interior design products which reflect in design the spirit of the fourth of July and in turn welcome the oncoming months of summer:

1. Blue folding chair from Crate & Barrel is crafted of eucalyptus wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

2. Navy on Ivory hemp wall covering, patt. # 5170.  http://www.phillipjeffries.com/

3. Farm table made from 100 - 150 year old reclaimed wood, http://www.woodlandcreekfurniture.com/ 

4. Quirky red loveseat made from eco-friendly wood.  I am still looking for the product information.

5. Recycled crushed glass knobs.

6. Chair upolstered with "Acropora" stretch fabric  inspired by the ocean waves depicted in the work of the great Japanese painter Hoksai. 94% cotton, 6% elasthan. http://www.creations-metaphores.com/

7. Agean-Printed printed red & white cotton mat. http://www.westelm.com/

8. Glasswear and pitcher made in Mexico.  http://www.novica.com/ or http://www.thehungersite.com/

Have a happy, safe and eco-friendly fourth!

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